Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Office 365 FAQ

This FAQ is specific to Duo MFA use with Office 365 and is supplimental to Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) F.A.Q.

How do I enroll in Office 365 multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

1. Log in

From the Office 365 Multi-Factor Enrollment page, login with your NDUS account credentials and click Login.

2. Enroll or Authenticate with Duo MFA

You will either be prompted to enroll in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication or Authenticate with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.


3. Update Devices

Once logged in, you can add your devices and choose how you want to authenticate. When you are done, click the I'm done setting up my devices>> button.

4. Activate Duo MFA for Office 365

Select Yes, please enroll me! to add Duo MFA to your Office 365 email and apps.

5. Confirmation of Enrollment

You will receive a confirmation that you are now enrolled in Duo MFA for Office 365. This page also tells you how to authenticate with Duo MFA and where to find more information.

How does Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) work with Office 365?

When you log into an Office 365 application for the first time on a device, you will be prompted to enter your Office 365 credentials along with a Duo MFA prompt. Your device will be verified for 60 days.

When will I get the Duo MFA prompt for Office 365?

You will only be prompted for Duo authentication when you log in to an Office 365 application or email for the first time from your computer or mobile device. You may also be prompted for Duo if it’s been 60 days since your last log in.

Will this affect what email client I can use?

As long as you are using the current versions of Outlook on your laptop, desktop and mobile devices you will still be able to use your email normally. Apple Mail is also supported. Clients using POP/IMAP and SMTP are not supported.

What happens if I get a Duo prompt and I’m not trying to log in to email or an Office 365 application?

If you receive a Duo authentication prompt (push, text, or phone call) on your device without you initiating the request, decline the Duo prompt (marking it as fraud), immediately change your UND password, and contact the Help Desk at 777-2222. This could be an indication that your credentials have been compromised and someone is attempting to login to your Office 365 account. Contact the Help Desk at 777-2222 for more information.

Where can I learn more about Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

We have an entire category of Knowledge Articles just about Duo Multi-Factor Authentication for you to learn more.

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