What are the general UND Technical Requirements?

The following basic requirements are recommended for UND courses.

  • Active UND email account  UND students are required to use their official UND student email.
  • Operating System
    • Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Macintosh 10.6 or higher

Note: All software/systems may not be compatible with each operating system.

Internet Connection

  • Wireless and satellite connections should not be used when taking exams or quizzes on Blackboard.
  • Wireless and satellite connections do not work with online live class sessions. If your class meets synchronously (live) using Adobe Connect or Blackboard Collaborate, please make arrangements to connect directly to the modem/router before participating in the live class. Wireless connections will not be supported and any exceptions must be approved by the instructor of the course.
  • A minimum of DSL/Cable (512kbps) is recommended. Check your Internet connection.
  • UND Network Information

Additional Software

Some courses/programs may require the following free software:

Program Specific Requirements

Courses with online live class sessions may have additional equipment requirements:

  • USB/Firewire web camera
  • USB headset with microphone  Volume control is recommended. Webcam mics are not supported.

Check with your instructor to see if a webcam is required for the course.

Instructional Design & Technology (IDT)

  • Video Card (512MB of VRAM Radeon, Nvidia, or equivalent)
  • Mac must have an Intel processor.

Distance Engineering Degree Program (DEDP)

  • Scanner  A scanner is used for scanning homework assignments.


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