New IT Service Portal FAQ

In our continuing efforts to better serve the UND community UIT will be implementing a new IT Service Portal run by TeamDynamix on October 1, 2018. This FAQ covers some common questions regarding the transition.

What is TeamDynamix? 

TeamDynamix is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a portal for IT service requests. Additionally, project management and project portfolio management are built into the solution to improve operational efficiency and collaboration. 

Why are we switching to TeamDynamix? 

TeamDynamix offers several advantages over our current IT solutions programs. TeamDynamix will replace not just our ticketing software and webpages, but incorporate an extensive and ever-growing knowledge base. TeamDynamix allows additional customization of services and functions that are not possible in our current system, ServiceNow (SNOW). 

What are the benefits of switching to TeamDynamix?

TeamDynamix will make getting IT help easier for you. The IT portal is much more user-friendly and easier to navigate. You will be able to get immediate help with an all encompassing search of services and knowledge or request help with an easily submitted help ticket.  

How do I access TeamDynamix or submit a help ticket? 

UIT is working to integrate TeamDynamix seamlessly into our UND website. Ideally, you should hardly notice switching between the UND webpages and TeamDynamix pages. Just follow the links for "Search for Answers" or select Service Catalog to browse our services and submit Service Requests.

Welcome to the IT Service Portal


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