Connecting to UND Secured with Google Chrome OS

  1. Connect to UND Open.
  2. Click on the notification in the lower right that says The Wi-Fi network you are using (UND Open) may require you to visit its login page.
  3. On the Captive Portal click Daily Access.
  4. Enter your UND Username and Password.
  5. Once logged in, open Google Chrome and navigate to to begin the process to connect.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Click Add to Chrome from the Google Webstore.
  8. Click Add Extension.
  9. JoinNow MultiOS will show in the extension area for Google Chrome.
  10. Return to the tab and enter your credentials.
  11. Save the SecureW2.onc.
  12. Click on Choose File under the Import ONC file.
  13. Select SecureW2.onc from the folder in which it was saved and then click Open.
  14. Once you have completed the above steps you should now see UND Secured in available WiFi connections. Click on it and it will connect you to the UND Secured network.
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  16. Remember to keep the JoinNow MulitOS extension installed within Google Chrome.


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