What UND Networks are available?

UND Secured  Recommended  

The current “UND Secure” encrypted wireless is being replaced with a wireless network that has the name, “UND Secured.” After initial setup, this network only requires authenticate after a password change.  *You may need to first connect to the UND Open network to complete setup for UND Secured.

UND Open

The current UND unencrypted wireless network called “UND” is being replaced with “UND Open” unencrypted wireless network. This network requires authentication every day. It is recommended that students, faculty, and staff connect to the “UND Secured” as it offers complete encryption between endpoints.

UND Guest

This guest wireless network is intended for campus visitors that do not have an NDUS account and need wireless access for a limited amount of time. You must register for guest access before logging in. Guests are required to authentication every day.


eduroam allows educators to use their home campus username and password to access Wi-Fi from any eduroam hotspot throughout the United States. When a faculty, staff or student from UND attends any campus throughout the US who has eduroam enabled, they can easily access wireless using their current username and password. Faculty, staff, and students from participating eduroam institutions may access the UND network using their home campus credentials as well.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using UND's VPN convinces your computer that you are using the UND network for your work and therefore allows you to access shared drives. UND uses the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Cisco ISE Networks (The New UND Networks)

The wireless network authentication on campus is be transitioning from SafeConnect access control system to the Cisco ISE access control system.  The new system provides a better log-in experience for users as well as additional management utilities for network administrators to proactively troubleshoot wireless issues. Wired or remote access to the UND network will not be impacted during this change. The “UND” network will continue to be available for a short time to allow you to transition to the “UND-Secure” network. Additional notice will be sent out before the “UND” wireless network becomes unavailable.  

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