Why might Duo phone callback authentication fail to Chinese +86 numbers?

International students attending UND with a +86 country code (China) may also experience this issue.

Duo Mobile does work in China but there are considerations to be aware of depending on which mobile operating system is being used. Beginning in March 2019, China (Mainland/People’s Republic of China) put into place regulations that affect phone callback authentication deliverability to +86 numbers. Due to these regulations, phone call authentication is currently an unreliable authentication method to use for Duo users with +86 phone numbers.

We strongly recommend using alternative authentication methods such as Duo Push, Security Keys, Touch ID, generating passcodes in Duo Mobile, SMS-delivered passcodes, or hardware tokens to ensure successful authentications. What are the various ways to authenticate with Duo MFA?

Duo MFA Tips for International Travel

Note that Android users may need to “fetch” Duo Push notifications at the Duo Mobile account list depending on whether their device has Google Play Services installed. 


While Duo Push and other features do work in China, the Google Play Store is not available, and SMS messages containing links are blocked. This can make enrollment a challenge and prevent Android users from being able to download the Duo Mobile application. However, you can download the Duo Mobile APK directly here

Please note that since Google Play Services is required in order to receive push notifications on Android, users without Google Play Services installed will have to "fetch" by swiping down in the Duo Mobile app. See image below:

User-added image

Click here for more about troubleshooting Duo Push notification issues on Android. Also see our Duo Mobile on Android Guide for information on alternative authentication methods, including passcodes, which work anywhere, even in situations where you don't have an internet connection or cell service.


​​​​There are no commonly known issues associated with using Duo Mobile and iOS in China.

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