Universal Snippets and Assets on UND.edu

The UND website contains many design elements that have been implemented in the CMS as Snippets or Assets.

Snippets are pre-formatted blocks of styled content applied via the WYSIWYG editor. Snippets are placed and then edited in an editable region of a page. The Snippets are organized in categories to make selection easier. If a user selects a snippet that is not available to a certain page or section, an error message will appear. This makes sure that the page adheres to the correct design.

These snippets are available for use on Universal pages. Please see UND.edu Web Support site for working examples of snippets.

choose a snippet


In this snippet, the user can choose to display the content in either an accordion or in tab format.

universal accordion

universal tab

In the WYSIWYG, the Accordion/Tab snippet will look like this:

snippet in edit view


  • Use the dropdown to select if you want the snippet to be an accordion or a tab.


  • IDs are optional. If one is not set, it will autogenerate.
  • If a unique ID is set (either for the snippet or for individual headings), the ID will be added to the URL for easy linking when clicked.


  • Accordion titles should be a few words to describe content and illicit a click.
  • Title should indicate what users expect when they click. If content does not match title, users may be frustrated with a wasted click


  • All types of content including photos, videos, other snippets and assets can be added to content area.
  • Adding another accordion/tab within the accordion/tab, however, is not allowed. Mobile users may become frustrated with multiple levels of accordions.


This inserts a block quote. Please use this snippet rather than the block quote option in the toolbar.

universal block quote


This is inserts a pre-styled two column layout. Use this snippet to seperate content into columns within the Main Content. Please note: On mobile, columns will stack rather than appear side by side. 



This inserts a feature snippet with various options. The user can select the background color (black or grey) and the style (default or callout).

universal feature

Image Styling

This snippet allows the user to insert an image into a page with no alignment, or to align it to the left or right.

universal image

Embed Video Styled

This inserts a pre-styled video into a page.

embed video styled

Embed Video Basic

This inserts a video into a page. Video will use Youtube or Vimeo’s settings and styles.

youtube video


This inserts the stats module.

universal stats

People Listing

This inserts the preset module for directory pages.

people listing

Program Snapshot

Designed like the program page, this inserts a feature designed to highlight programs, courses, etc.

universal snapshot snippet


A styled table that can be used with a horizontal header or a vertical header.

universal table side

universal table top

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