Data Loss Prevention for email has been strengthened

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) has strengthened the data loss prevention for the email system.

The NDUS email system already scans for threats such as malware, spam, and phishing. Recently, NDUS added the functionality to scan for the restricted data of Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. The scanning is an automated process meaning no human is looking through email messages. The system will prevent emails from sending if it detects what looks like a Social Security or credit card number anywhere in the message. The sender will receive a “message blocked” email stating that the email was blocked along with an attachment of the original email. The intended recipient will not receive anything.

The email will also contain information about LiquidFiles which is an encryption system provided by NDUS which will allow users to send sensitive data encrypted via email. The UND Tech Support web page contains more details about LiquidFiles and sending information securely.

Do not use plain text email for sending or receiving restricted/sensitive data or communications.  Email is subject to open records, and even though exempt information in the email could be redacted, best practice would be to treat plain text email as if it were available to the public.

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