How do I get around Office 365 email?

Access email

  1. Click the Mail app from the menu. This will open the standard Outlook mail view.


  • Your mail folders are located on the left.
  • New emails can be found in your Inbox.


Delete Email

  1. To delete a single email, hover the message and click the trash can icon.


  1. To delete multiple emails at once, again hover over the email. 


  1. A checkbox will appear.
  2. Place a check next to each email you want to delete and from the top menu, select Delete.

Send Mail

  1. To send a new email, select the + New in the top menu.


  1. You can type in the To field, or click the To button to select from your Contacts.


  1. Type in a Subject and then your message. 
  • You can add attachments from the top menu as well.
  1. When your message is composed, click Send.

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