How do I change my name and NDUS.identifier username?

The NDUS.Identifier/username can be changed upon request due to changes to legal name, preferred first name, or a FERPA privacy request.

  • For legal name changes, students should complete a Legal Name Change Form with the Registrar's Office and faculty/staff should contact HR/Payroll before submitting a username change request.  This is required for changes to a last name.

  • For preferred name changes, we recommend updating the preferred name listed in Campus Connection prior to submitting a username change request. 

  • The NDUS.Identifier/username is not automatically updated after a legal or preferred name change in Campus Connection.  Please call UND Tech Support at 701.777.2222 to initiate this change.  

  • The requested NDUS.Identifier/username must be unique and cannot be in use within the North Dakota University System.  Common names may require the addition of a middle initial or may be followed by a number. Requests to change back to the original NDUS.Identifier/username will require at least two weeks.

  • Changing a NDUS.Identifier/username will also change your UND email address.  Messages sent to the former email address will be delivered to the new email account.

  • Raising the FERPA Privacy flag in Campus Connection will automatically change the NDUS.Identifier/username to a generic username (ex: User12345).  This will also change the email address to match the anonymous NDUS.Identifier. (ex:

  • Even after the username change, certain systems may still reference the previous name (preferred or legal name) and/or NDUS.Identifier/username for past history (e.g. Blackboard discussion boards or journals).  New activity within the system will use the updated legal/preferred name and/or NDUS.Identifier.

How to change your NDUS.identifier/Username

1. Update your legal and/or preferred name.

  • Legal name change: Students should complete a Legal Name Change Form with the Registrar's Office and faculty/staff should contact HR/Payroll.  A legal name change is required to change a last name and is strongly recommended for updating a first name.

  • Preferred name change: Access Campus Connection and select Compass looking icon > Navigator > Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Names.  Add a preferred name and click Save.

2. Please call UND Tech Support at 701.777.2222 so we may submit the proper forms to initial your username change.

3. You will receive an email message letting you know that we will be renaming your account and when you can expect to use the new username for your account. 

The entire process will take 2-7 business days to complete.  If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact UND Tech Support at 701.777.2222.

Once you have submitted your Name Change Request Form you will receive updates on the progress of the username change through a series of emails.

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