How do I change my name and NDUS.identifier username?

Name Change

If you would like to update or change private information, such as your legal name, complete the Name Change form, accompanied with the current supporting documents.

If you would need to change or update your Social Security number, simply bring in an ID and your Social Security card.

NDUS.identifier/Username Change

Campus Connection must reflect your name change before your NDUS.identifier/Username can be changed.
  1. Please call UND Tech Support at 701.777.2222 so we may submit the proper forms to initiate your username change.
    • Please be ready to give 3 variations of what you would prefer your username to be. 
      • Example: john.doe; john.h.doe; john.doe2
  2. You will receive an email message letting you know that we will be renaming your account and when you can expect to use the new username for your account. 
  • The entire process will take 2-7 business days to complete. 

Contact Us

Chat with Tech Support Submit a Ticket Call 701-777-2222


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