How do I authenticate with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Duo MFA Challenges: Do not approve Duo challenges to logins if not currently expecting one. 

1. Select your device and authentication method

The Duo prompt at lets you choose how to verify your identity each time you log in. Select the device you want to use and then choose your authentication method.

  • *You'll also see a  Remember me for...  option. If you check this box when authenticating you will not need to re-authenticate within that time frame unless you change browsers, devices, or clear browser cache/cookies. If your browser clears cache automatically when sessions are closed, you may need to adjust browser settings to allow this option to function.

Duo Login Screen

Send Me a Push

Pushes a login request to your phone or tablet for approval. Just review the request and tap Approve to log in.

*Requires the Duo Mobile app installed and activated on an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone device

Call Me

Authenticate via phone callback. The caller will be prompted to press 5 to approve the login. Why might Duo phone callback authentication fail to Chinese +86 numbers?

Enter a Passcode

Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, or provided by an administrator. Click Send codes to get a new batch of passcodes texted to a mobile device.

Yubikey Token*

Click into the passcode entry field and tap the Yubikey to generate and submit a passcode.

2. What's next?

View Duo MFA Tips and Best Practices

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