UND provides a virtual desktop environment using Citrix. Citrix allows you to remotely access various applications from home, work, and mobile devices from any location that has an internet connection.

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Pinned Article How do I install and log into the Citrix Workspace?

Steps to install and log into the Citrix Workspace.

Pinned Article How do I open and save files in Citrix?

Steps showing how to open and save files within Citrix apps.

Citrix Workspace app for Chromebooks

Chromebook users will need to install Citrix Workspace from the Chrome web store.

How can I use SPSS for my class?

Steps for SPSS users to download, install, and set up Citrix Workspace. Also, how to open files from your desktop into SPSS and how to save files from SPSS to your desktop.

How do I access the Engineering virtual desktop?

Steps to access the Engineering Virtual Desktop in Citrix.

How do I add a server to ChemCAD?

Steps to add a server to ChemCad.

How do I log into Citrix?

There are two ways to access applications on Citrix. One method is to use the Citrix Workspace app (preferred), and the other is to log in to the Citrix webpage. Either option requires Citrix Workspace to be installed.

How do I print, close, and log out of Citrix?

Steps to print, close, and log out of Citrix.

How do I save from Citrix to the U-Drive?

The U-Drive is available to all students, faculty, and staff for data storage.  Each U-Drive account contains 1 GB of space and can be access using computers in UND computer labs, through Citrix, or remotely.

The differences between Reset, Log Off, and Disconnect in Citrix

Reset: Resetting a session terminates all processes that are running in that session. You can reset a session to remove remaining processes in the case of a session error; however, resetting a session can cause applications to close without saving data.

 Disconnect: A disconnected session is still active and its applications continue to run, but the client device is no longer communicating with the server. A user can reconnect to a disconnected session from a different client device without l

Using Citrix Workspace

How to add apps to your Citrix Workspace.

Why can't I open up this file that I created in Citrix on my machine?

When you have created a file in Citrix, you may save it to any number of folders and locations that you have access to.  If you save it to your home machine and then try to open up the file without having Citrix open, it will give you an error message. 

When you use Citrix, you are accessing a "Virtual Machine" that has these programs installed on it.  Because the programs (such as Microsoft Word or SPSS) are not installed on your computer, you cannot open the files until you connect back to