Endpoint Security Policy Exemptions


Per UND Endpoint Security Software Policy, exemptions from the policy will need to fill out the form.


Info! Per UND Endpoint Security Software Policy, exemptions from the policy will need to fill out the form below. Alternative Endpoint Security Software must be able to meet the following criteria.

Anti-virus software 

Information systems that access university networks or institutional data must be protected from malicious software (malware) by utilizing a university-approved anti-virus or endpoint security software.  Anti-virus or endpoint security software must:

  1. prevent, detect, and remove malware from all system entry and exit points, including the network, network services, and removable media by:
    1. scanning all local file systems for malware.
    2. scanning all new files downloaded from the network or made available through locally attached media. New files must be scanned immediately, in real-time.
    3. blocking (quarantining) or deleting any malware identified.
  2. be kept up-to-date by checking and updating signatures and/or software.

Central administration of anti-virus software 

Organizations must implement a management console to monitor and control their anti-virus or endpoint security software from a central location.
The management console must:

  1. monitor virus or malware alerts;
  2. manage the organization’s response to alerts;
  3. ensure that software is installed and operational;
  4. ensure that signatures and/or software are updated regularly;
  5. provide reports summarizing alerts and operational readiness of security software.

Endpoint Security Policy Exemption Form

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