Disability Accomodation - Testing Proctoring for Online Courses

If proctored (monitored/supervised) exams are required within a UND online course, students will use ProctorU for their exams.  The steps below should be followed when a student receives an accessibility accommodation from UND Disability Services for Students (DSS), permitting the use of an in-person proctor for online exams.

Proctoring Process for DSS Accommodations

Step 1: Determine if the online course has proctored exams

The student determines if proctored exams are part of the online course. This is most often done by contacting the instructor or reading the course syllabus. If proctored exams will be required, continue to step 2.

Step 2: Obtain DSS Approval for an in-person proctor

The student contacts Disability Services for Students for a consultation to determine what accommodations (if any) are needed. If it is determined that an in-person proctor is required for testing, this will be listed on the DSS accommodation letter.  The student must have this letter before the DSS Accommodation Proctor Request form can be completed in the next step

Optional: Students may wish to notify the course instructor of the accommodation letter.  This step is optional as the instructor will receive notification after the student completes the proctor request form in the next step.

Step 3: Complete DSS Accommodation Proctor Request form

Students with approved DSS accommodations for in-person proctoring must complete a DSS Accommodation Proctor Request form at least two weeks prior to the first exam to allow time for the proctor verification and approval process to be completed.

Note: The verification letter from DSS obtained in step 2 must be uploaded to the DSS Accommodation Proctor Request form.

Step 4: Sign Up for Proctoring Fee Reimbursement

If the selected in-person proctoring site has an associated proctoring fee, the student is eligible for a reimbursement (not to exceed $20 per hour, unless a waiver has been granted). This will be issued as a credit to the student’s UND Campus Connection account.  If the credit exceeds the balance owed by the student, the excess credit will be refunded to the student. 

The student must follow the steps for receiving refunds located on the One Stop Student Services website in order to be reimbursed for proctoring fees.

After the above steps have been completed and the selected proctor is verified and approved by UND, the student and course instructor/s will be notified.  Course instructors will communicate the exam details with the approved proctor.  The student is responsible for scheduling exam appointments with the approved proctor and making payments for associated proctoring services (if applicable). The student will be reimbursed for proctoring fees (up to $20 per hour) after exams are completed.


Who to Contact for Questions

  • Disability Services for Students - Disability accommodations and accessibility verifications
    • McCannel Hall Room 280
      2891 2nd Ave N Stop 9040
      Grand Forks, ND 58202-9040
  • Office of Extended Learning - Proctor eligibility and approval for self-paced enroll anytime courses
    • O'Kelly Hall Room 300
      221 Centennial Dr Stop 9021
      Grand Forks, ND 58202-9021
  • UND Online - Proctor eligibility and approval for semester based online courses
    • O'Kelly Hall Room 302
      221 Centennial Drive Stop 8116
      Grand Forks, ND 58202-8116
  • One Stop Student Services - Reimbursement for proctoring fees
    • Twamley Hall Room 204
      264 Centennial Dr Stop 7155
      Grand Forks, ND 58202-7155
  • Course instructor - Exam availability and exam details for proctor access
    • See course syllabus or use the UND Directory for contact information



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