GradeHub: Create in-person Scantron / Bubble-Sheet exams


GradeHub modernizes Scantron-style testing! Instructors create an exam (or use an existing Scantron exam), and students print the customized bubble sheets using their own printer. Using these printed forms, students fill in answers to multiple-choice test questions, and the completed exams are scanned in for analysis by the GradeHub software. GradeHub is integrated into Blackboard’s exam creation and grading course tools, and the entire process can be managed and completed from your office. Features include:

  • produced using any printer and plain printer paper
  • print on-demand
  • simple to use – students fill in multiple-choice bubble sheets, just like the familiar Scantron exams
  • scan in for analysis using any scanner or camera
  • image-based data analysis software reads and checks answer sheets, and syncs with Bb grade book
  • flexible - review individual student's exams, or generate class wide reports


Before You Start

  • GradeHub is available/licensed for Arts & Sciences use only.
  • To make the Grade Hub tool available in your Blackboard course: In the Blackboard course menu, click Customization, then Tool Availability, scroll down to GradeHub – UND, check the box under AVAILABLE IN CONTENT AREA, and click Submit.
  • For more information, visit the Teaching Tools & Technologies page. For assistance with using GradeHub in your course, please contact an Instructional Designer.


Note: There are two different tools available through the GradeHub/Blackboard integration: This article is about GradeHub's Scantron-style exams (administered in person). If you are looking for information about the GradeHub's Online exams (administered via Blackboard), please see this article.


Setting up a GradeHub In-Person Exam

Click build content

  1. Add a Content item in Blackboard
    1. Select Build Content in Blackboard
    2. From the drop-down menu, select GradeHub-UND as the new content.
    3. Name and configure the exam with total point value and availability dates. Select Yes for Enabling Evaluation. You MUST select Yes for Enable Evaluation AND enter a numerical value for Points Possible - failure to do so will result in an error when you attempt to print answer sheets. Scroll down and click Submit. GradeHub automatically syncs with your roster (i.e, instructors, TAs, and students) and creates answer sheets for your exam.
  2. Print answer sheets from Blackboard. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go!
    1. In the course content area you chose in step 1, students will see a link to print a custom answer sheet with a unique pre-filled ID.
    2. You have a duplicate set of answer sheets in Blackboard (without student IDs) to print as backups, for any students that forget their sheet. Just click the link and print extra sheets to have on hand. DO NOT print one exam and photocopy it. Blank answer sheets must be printed, as each sheet has a unique identifier. Different test takers cannot use photocopies of the same answer sheet.
    3. You administer the test and collect answer sheets, just like a Scantron exam.
  3. Grade scanned answer sheets conveniently on Blackboard from your home or office in minutes. No more trips across campus or waiting in lines at midterms and finals!
    1. Create your answer key in Blackboard. GradeHub offers advanced grading features too, such as multiple test versions, multiple correct answers, weighting, partial credit, penalties, and extra credit questions.
    2. Edit the answer key at any time, and GradeHub will rescore all exams and update reports to reflect the changes!
    3. Use any scanner to scan, and then upload a PDF of the completed answer sheets to be analyzed.
    4. GradeHub identifies and eliminates student marking errors, and checks the exams against the answer key.
    5. And that’s it, your exams are scored!

  4. Review exam results on any device, from anywhere with Blackboard. You receive valuable feedback such as:
    1. Test reliability using Cronbach’s Alpha
    2. Summary test statistics, such as, mean, median, standard deviation
    3. Item statistics, such as point biserial, Cronbach’s Alpha with delete, and 27% Upper/Lower groupings
    4. Missing students
  5. Sync grades to your grade book in Blackboard. Your students are kept in the loop too!
    1. Click the release grades button and sync student scores to the Grade Center in Blackboard.
    2. Like magic, grades are synced to your grade book. Say goodbye to CSV downloads or student ID errors.
    3. Students receive a histogram of class exam results, their score, and the questions they missed on the exam.
For more information and detailed walk-throughs, please visit the GradeHub for Blackboard help page.


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