Software Terms and Conditions

All employees shall use software only in accordance with the license agreement. Any other duplication of licensed software except for backup and archival purposes is a violation of the law.

The following points must be followed in order to comply with software license agreements:

  1. All software must be used in accordance with the license agreements.
  2. No employee (faculty/staff/student) of NDUS will make any unauthorized copies of any software under any circumstances. Anyone found unlawfully copying or installing software is subject to institutional disciplinary policies and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment.
  3. No employee (faculty/staff/student) shall give software to any non-NDUS employee, including clients, customers and others.
  4. Any employee (faculty/staff/student) who determines that there may be a misuse of software within their institution/department shall notify their campus computer center/help desk or campus counsel.
  5. All software used by the NDUS on NDUS computers will be properly purchased through appropriate procedures.

Please see the  North Dakota University System Policy Manual Section: 1901.2 Computing and Network Usage for additional information. 

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