Software & Hardware Procurement FAQs

Can I install my UND software on multiple computers?

No. One software license must be purchased for each computer. However, you can use the same piece of media to install software on multiple computers as long as a separate license is purchased for each computer.

Why do I need to purchase a license and media separately?

A license only ensures that you have the right to use the software. Media (i.e. CD, DVD) allows you to actually install the software on your computer.  Software cannot be installed until a license confirmation has been received.

For example, if you need software on 12 computers, you need to purchase 12 licenses and one media. This saves you money by being able to use the same media on multiple computers.

How long does it take to receive my order?

After placing your order with your Department Software Coordinator, they will be notified when the software is available. Please allow a minimum of two days to receive a license that is in stock. Software not in stock can take up to 14 business days to receive.

Do I have to agree to the software licensing terms?

Yes. UND requires users of licensed software to agree to the standard terms of use.

How can I get help installing the software on my computer?

Contact your Department Software Coordinator first. If he/she is unable to assist you, contact UND Tech Support.

Can I return my software?

Regrettably, licenses that have been ordered cannot be returned.

Why are some licenses free?

UND has an agreement with Microsoft to allow select Microsoft products (example: Microsoft Office) to be installed on all UND-owned computers. Therefore, you do not need to order a separate Microsoft license through Software Licensing or notify Software Licensing when you install the software on a machine. Contact your Department Software Coordinator to obtain installation media.

What should I do if the software I need isn’t available?

Contact your Department Software Coordinator to make a request for the software.

Can I install my UND software on my home computer?

No. Software purchased under the Software Coordinator tab in the UND Software Store can only be installed on machines owned by the University. However, under the Students and Faculty/Staff tabs you can purchase software for home use.

Can students purchase software?

UND does not sell any software to students.  However, our third-party vendor offers students discounted software through the UND Software Store. Also, checkout the UND Bookstore for discounted software.

How do I become a Software Coordinator?

Software Coordinators must have a department credit card and approval from their department chair/director. To become a software coordinator please complete the request form and a memo template will be emailed to you for department chair/director authorization.

It is recommended that there is only one Software Coordinator per department.

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