Blackboard Student App - Overview & Troubleshooting


Blackboard has announced the consolidation of the student and instructor applications to one combined app, which will be available starting Monday 8th August 2022 from the iOS and Android stores. Support for the previous, role-specific applications will end in September 2022. Please see the New Bb Mobile App article for more information and download links.



The Blackboard app allows students to view content and participate in courses directly from their mobile device (iOS or Android). If you are an instructor, you can use the Bb Instructor App instead; it includes grading and course management tools. Blackboard's student application has many features to help you stay informed, up-do-date, and connected:

  • Access your courses and organizations to view and interact with course content
  • Take assignments and tests
  • Participate in discussions
  • Interact with the instructor and class using Bb Collaborate Ultra (a synchronous web conferencing tool for virtual classes and meetings)
  • Receive instant messages from UND via phone, text messages, or emails.
  • View announcements about the campus and system status


Download the App to Your Phone or Tablet

The current version of the Blackboard app is available for iOS 11+ and Android 5+ devices. From your phone or tablet, access the appropriate app store to download and install it on your mobile device. Please confirm that you've selected the refular/student version of the app before downloading – not the instructor app.

Select your app store to download:

Google Play

Windows Store

App Store


Set Up & Sync with UND

When you first open the app, you will need to complete a quick set up process. First, you will be prompted to search for your school. In the search box, enter "University of North Dakota" and select it from the list. Then log in with your regular Blackboard username and password (firstname.lastname). The app will automatically detect your courses from UND (and other NDUS institutions) and sync that information with your device. You can also enable Touch ID/ Face ID on iOS when you first log in, or you can turn it on later from the Settings menu.


Use the App

Once you have successfully logged in and connected to UND's Blackboard site, you can use the app for many of the same things as the desktop site. Tap the Menu button (hamburger icon in the top-left) to navigate between different sections of the app. You can select Courses and Organizations to access your course sites, or use the other tools like Grades and Due Dates to keep track of your progress in class. Use the Settings menu to customize the mobile-specific features, like push notifications and Touch ID /Face ID login. Please see Blackboard's feature guide for help with navigation, or see the Blackboard App page for an overview of all of the tools and settings.


Troubleshoot Problems

Note: There is a known issue with both Blackboard applications (Instructor and Student). Users may experience errors in the app(s) on their mobile devices, which may not be replicable by other users or institution administrators. If this occurs, please follow the steps below to clear Bb data from the device and reset the app.

Apple / iOS

  • Uninstall the Blackboard app
  • Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data > Clear
  • Restart device
  • Reinstall the Blackboard app


  • Go to Settings > Apps > Blackboard > Storage > Clear Data
  • Uninstall the Blackboard app
  • Restart device
  • Reinstall the Blackboard app


Get Help

If you run into any other problems while using the app, you can use the Help tool to search for solutions:

  1. Within the mobile app, touch the menu icon in the top-left, select Settings, and then Help.
    Mobile view of Blackboard App. Menu button circled in frame 1. Settings button circled in frame 2. Help button circled in Frame 3.
  2. Type your problem or search terms into the search box, then select Search. You may be prompted to 'Contact your institution's support desk'. In that search box, enter 'North Dakota University system'.
    Mobile view of Blackboard App under help settings. Arrow down to indicate scroll to the bottom in frame 1. Hyperlink that reads 'Contact your institution's support desk' circled in frame 2. Search bar to look for 'North Dakota University System Office' highlighted in frame 3.
  3. Select 'University of North Dakota', and you will be taken to UND Tech Support:
    Mobile view of the Institution Help Desk page with an arrow to all possible NDUS Affiliated web pages.


Contact Us

Chat with Tech Support Submit a Ticket Call 701-777-2222


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