Get a student parking permit

Permit types and Rates

Please view on the Student Parking Permits page.

Purchasing instructions

  1. Enable cookies in browser - see your browser help section for detailed instructions or consult the Technical Solutions for Buying a Parking Permit guide
  2. Log into the Parking Portal or
  3. Log into Campus Connetion
    1. Choose Self Service > Parking Permits
    2. Select UND as your campus
    3. Select Purchase Permits (do not refresh or hit back)
    4. Choose permit type
    5. Select vehicles (vehicles can be added but not be deleted)
    6. Add your current mailing address
  4. Choose payment method
    • Credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
    • Check (E-check)
    • Charge to Student Account through Aug. 29th

More Information

UND Parking Services

Facilities Building
3791 Campus Rd Stop 8368
Grand Forks, ND 58202
P 701.777.3551

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