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To access your FINAL grade roster:

  1. 1Under Menu click on: Self-Service, then click on Faculty Center.
  2. On the main page that is displayed under Faculty Center.
  3. Click on the Grade Roster icon to the left of the course you wish to enter grades.
  • For summer grades the Final Grade Roster will automatically appear.
  • For a regular semester, when the roster screen appears, it will initially display Mid-Term Grade under roster type. Click the roster type drop down box and select the Final Grade Roster. This will bring up the Final Grade roster.

To enter FINAL grades:

  1. On the grade roster screen, enter a grade for each student listed; the process will not allow you to approve the roster unless grades have been entered for all students.
  2. You may save entered grades as often as you need to by clicking the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen (especially important if you are entering grades for a large class).
  3. When all grades have been entered and are correct, click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Then change the approval status to Approved and click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
  • Students who dropped the class after the last day to add a class (usually the 10th day of the semester) will appear on the roster with a grade of W. These students are NOT to be graded.
  1. REPORT OF INCOMPLETE GRADE PROCESS For students receiving a grade of I (incomplete), enter the grade of I. You will still need to follow this up by submitting the Report of Incomplete Grade form online to the Registrar’s Office. To submit your Report of Incomplete Grade, download the form and save to your desktop from the link below: http://www.und.edu/dept/registrar/FacultyStaff/FacultyStaffForms.htm , open your saved form, fill in with students information, do a “save as” (make sure to rename the file for each student, so that you have the student file to refer back to. We recommend saving by the EMPL ID #), and then email the students Report of Incomplete Grade as an attachment to: margericke@mail.und.edu. This email must come from the instructor of the class or from the Dean of the College. The email will serve as the electronic signature for the submittal of incomplete grades. When ready to change the Incomplete Grade you will still need to submit the paper request for removal of incomplete. Please limit the number of attachments to 5 for each email you send (this will help to avoid complications with sending large emails). Instructors are encouraged to submit the form via email, but may still use the paper version if necessary.
  2. When FINAL grades are “due,” the Registrar’s Office will run some programs to determine what grades are still missing, and will call departments and colleges accordingly.
  3. UNTIL the due date & time, if you have already Approved your grades, but need to make a last-minute correction, you may change the status back to Not Reviewed, make corrections, and change the status to Approved again.
  4. A day after grades are due, the Registrar’s Office will run a program that selects APPROVED rosters and posts grades to students’ transcripts, and will run other programs that will calculate probation/suspension, deans list, and President’s Honor Roll.

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