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NDUS CTS-Academic Services Announces a New MeetMe Room Format for Scheduling Meetings effective April 1

  1. In Outlook go to Calendar and click on New Event.
  2. Click on Rooms tab.
  3. Search for a series of rooms that start with NDUS MeetMe. 

You will now be able to set up a video conference or telephone conference using the bridging resources directly in your Outlook Calendar. This new MeetMe Rooms format allows you to schedule them the same way you schedule physical meeting rooms.

  • Conference attendees will be able to connect to a MeetMe room by telephone, videoconference unit, web browser, or any combination of the three.
  • These Outlook-based, virtual rooms will be the standard for scheduling MeetMe bridging resources going forward.

Directions provided demonstrate how to schedule the room. Once room confirmation is received, you can then forward the connection information to the rest of your meeting/conference participants. 

This new MeetMe room format is considered an adhoc resource. While each room can accommodate 25 telephone callers, the video connections are on a shared bridge. If you want bridging resources that are dedicated for your event or if you want to control who can connect to your event, you can use the formal scheduling process. Contact UND IVN Campus Coordinator Heidi Flaten at 777-3308 or

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