Accommodated Testing

Accommodated Testing Procedure

  1. Contact DSS at the beginning of the semester to discuss your accommodated testing requests.
  2. Update the DSS Verification of Accommodations document.
  3. Contact your instructors to make arrangements for your testing accommodations. Be prepared to share the DSS Verification of Accommodations document as support for your request.
  4. Confirm arrangements with your instructor a week before each exam.
  5. If the instructor can not provide the requested accommodations in the department, schedule an Accommodated Test

*The test needs to be requested at least three days in advance.

Policy for Accommodated Testing

Disability Services for Students (DSS) provides testing accommodations to eligible students whose disabilities adversely affect them when testing.
Testing accommodations provide access to the test by minimizing or eliminating the functional limitations imposed by the disability.

Students are responsible for following the DSS accommodated testing policy and procedures and taking appropriate steps to correct any problems.

This accommodation may be suspended if a student does not follow the policy and procedures.

Disability Services Responsibilities

  • Identify the specific testing accommodations the student is eligible to use.
  • Provide appropriate assistive technology, test in alternate format or testing space, when not available in the academic department.
  • Consult and/or problem solve with the instructor and/or student when appropriate.
  • Adhere to the Code of Student Life policy

Student Responsibilities

  • Request testing accommodations.
  • Follow the Accommodated Testing policy and procedures.
  • Make arrangements with the instructor for testing accommodations.
  • Notify the instructor and/or Testing Services of any changes in the arrangements.
  • Discuss any concerns with the instructor and/or DSS.
  • Adhere to the Code of Student Life policy 

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Provide the testing accommodations recommended by DSS or discuss any reasonable alternative with the student.
    • Provide access to you - the instructor - similar to the access provided to non-accommodated testers.
    • Consult with DSS if needed.
    • Work with the student to arrange the following:
      • A mutually agreed upon testing time
      • A suitable testing room
      • Access to a computer, if necessary
  • If the professor is unable to provide the recommended testing accommodations, work with UND Testing Services:
    • Complete a "Faculty Instruction for Accommodated Testing” form for each test delivered to Testing Services
    • Be available during the testing time for questions from the student.

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