Class Notes


Class Notes Procedure

  1. To determine if you need notes, attend several lectures first. If the professor posts the power points on Blackboard, or you can copy a friends' notes, you may not need an accommodation.
  2. Contact your disability access specialist if you need a note taker or access to the power points before class.
  3. DSS will notify the professor of your request.
  4. Receiving the PowerPoints or notes:
    1. If you are receiving PowerPoints from your instructor, contact your instructor to arrange for the delivery of the PowerPoints.
    2. If you are receiving notes from a notes provider, the notes will be sent to OneNote.
  5. If you have not received notes in a week after making your request,contactDSS for assistance.
    1. The goal is to provide notes within 24 hours of the class period with one exception.
  6. Notify DSS if:
    1. You drop the class or no longer need notes
    2. A problem occurs.

Policy for Class Notes

Disability Services for Students (DSS) authorizes access to class notes as an accommodation to eligible students who have disabilities that adversely affect their ability to take notes.

Notes are for the student’s personal study only. They are not a substitute for attendance, and instructors may withhold notes when a student is absent.

Notes must adequately reflect the information on which the student will be tested. Notes do not have to include class discussion based on personal opinion and/or observation. It is the students’ responsibility to monitor the quality of the notes and take the appropriate steps to correct any concerns.

If a student does not follow the Class Notes policy and procedures, this accommodation may be suspended.

Disability Services Responsibilities

  • Discuss with student the functional limitations necessitating class notes.
  • Arrange for class notes to be provided when students attend class unless other arrangements are made with the instructor.
  • Consult with the instructor when needed.
  • Hire and train notetakers.
  • Assist the student in managing the accommodation.

Student Responsibilities

  • Request class notes from DSS.
  • Notify DSS if a class is dropped or notes are no longer needed.
  • Follow the class notes policy and procedures.
  • Attend class regularly. Notes are not a substitute for attendance.
  • Notes are for the student’s personal study; they cannot be shared with others.
  • Report any problems to DSS in a timely manner, so appropriate steps can be taken to correct the situation.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Decide how notes will be provided. Options include: copies of the professor’s personal lecture notes, detailed overheads or Power Points and recruiting a notetaker.
  • Review quality of prospective notetaker notes.
  • Notify DSS, if notes should be withheld.

Notetaker Responsibilities

  • Participate in the training provided by DSS.
  • Take notes that reflect the content of the lecture and important information.
  • Provide notes within the agreed upon time frame.
  • Make no modifications or changes in the provision of this service, unless instructed by DSS.

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