Issues with MathType and Calculated Formula Questions tools in Blackboard

We are currently experiencing problems with the MathType and Calculated Formula Question tools in Blackboard. Both of the math editors display incorrectly, which may prevent users from inputting equations in the fields.

If you experience this problem, please try the following work-around: Log out of Blackboard and go to and then log in again. The NDUS Blackboard instance will allow you to use the math editors, but this domain is not compatible with some of the other Blackboard integrations, such as ProctorU.

NOTE: When you are finished adding/editing equations, or to make any other changes in your Bb course site, please log out of the NDUS site, and log back in using The NDUS site should only be used as a temporary work-around for adding equations.

This problem has been reported to Blackboard, and is currently under investigation. For assistance, please contact TTaDA at  7-2129 or


Article ID: 135219
Mon 8/16/21 8:31 AM