Perceptive Content error, "Network connection to Image system has been disconnected."

When working from off-campus, a VPN connection is required to log into Perceptive Content. If you have previously used VPN and are now getting this error, you should check your VPN settings:

  1. Open the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and click the Disconnect button.

The Cisco AnyConnect client

  1. Wait for VPN to disconnect. Then, in the server window, type or paste the URL: and click the Connect button.

Enter the correct server address and click Connect.

  1. In the Group selection, choose UND from the drop-down.

Group selection menu

  1. Now enter your NDUS credentials in the respective fields and click OK.

Enter your NDUS credentials and click OK.

  1. The VPN will now show you as connected and you should be able to log into Perceptive Content.

VPN connected.


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