Cisco AnyConnect VPN Troubleshooting

Windows users unable to install VPN and/or VPN not running correctly after installation

  1. Download and run the Microsoft fix-it tool.
  2. Click Accept when presented with the terms page.
  3. Click Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply.
  4. Click Uninstalling and a list of applications will appear.
  5. Scroll to applications beginning with Cisco AnyConnect.
  6. Select one of the applications beginning with Cisco AnyConnect, then click Next.
  7. Click Yes, try uninstall.
  8. On the Diagnosis is complete screen, select all fixes (if not already selected), then click Next.
  9. On the Troubleshooting is complete screen, click Next.
  10. On the Did this fix your problem?, select Yes, this fixed the issue and click Next.
  11. Click Close.
    • Note: If there is more than one application starting with Cisco AnyConnect, repeat this process for all applications.
  12. Reinstall the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows.

Windows VPN will not start. Error "Cisco AnyConnect failed to start. It is already running in another user's session."

Reboot (restart) the computer. This will log out all of the other users who are logged into the computer.  You'll then be able to log back in and connect. 

A messagebox that reads 'Cisco AnyConect failed to start. It is already running in another user's session.'

MAC OS: VPN will open and close automatically

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility (VPN) requires at least 10.13 (High Sierra) to work

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